Enriqu eVerdudo at Sahel


Enrique is a photographer and filmmaker who live and works in London, he was born in Chile.                       

He works with video, photography and installation. His practice deals with nature, man and habitat,

man living in a complex ever-changing environment.


The body of his work traces an experimental approach to the medium and qualities in relation to light and time.

  Interest for social phenomena, derive in fictional narratives, evolving along with environmental issues, 

have led him to interact with context and locations, producing work on site, to create mise-en-scène, 

ephemeral installations taking the form on his film or still images.

His films have be shown in Edinburg Alchemy films Festival, Spain Alcine Festival,

France Les inattendus Festival and other festivals around Europe.

Currently he work in self publishing project and producing a film.


Enrique works as a freelancer, collaborating with editorial publications,

architectural practices and artists, as well as his own projects. 



all images © copyright by enrique verdugo, 2010