Enrique is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker who works and lives in London. He was born in Santiago de Chille.

    His practice focuses on nature, habitat, humans making and living a complex ever changing environment. On his research he follows history, the unfolding of past and current events, questioning what produces change.

   He approaches his work generally as on-site projects, which are born of interaction and observation in location. He works with moving image, photography and sound.   

   Enrique has an experimental approach to the mediums. The work takes the form of installations, videos, light boxes and soundscapes. 

    Having experimented with old photographic techniques for almost a decade, he produced the series ‘Body in Flux’, portraits of light tracing the body in motion.

   Lately he has incorporated into his moving image and photographic work, ephemeral site constructions, video archive materials, using narrative to deal with the real and the fictional.  He attempts to create atmospheres that mediate with the world arround us, and experience the context.

   His films have be shown at the Edinburgh Alchemy Film Festival, Spain Alcine Festival,France Les Inattendus Festival and other festivals around Europe. 

   Currently he is working to self publish selected project, and making a film on architecture. 

    He works as a freelancer, collaborating with editorial publications, architectural practices and artists,combined with his own projects.














all images © copyright by enrique verdugo, 2010