Regardless of the buildings purpose, it reflects a way of interacting with the imposed habitat and gives a chance to perceive, familiarize and react to the geometrical characteristics. The quality of the architectural form reflects light and creates a feeling of the building in our memory. I have a strong attraction to the spatial form and its surroundings, which drove me to document industrial towns and its machinery, part of my body of work entitled ‘Echoes & Deserts’ in the Black Box folder. This essay opened the door and developed my experience as industrial photographer, after that 'Architecture' feels a natural path to explore geometry on the buildings I do photographs.

I have developed an unselfconscious approach towards light and shadows, delineating forms and structures, which evoke an intense feeling within me as I look through the viewfinder, and exploring a building to discover the emotions that it holds. My work is to produce photography of that experience, giving justice to the object without it becoming too abstract or too obvious, where the building can still be experienced with its human features and function in the context of a real space and its surrounds.   




all images © copyright by enrique verdugo, 2010