Body and Flux

“There is something magical about how photography records Time & Motion”.  

I am attracted by the idea of exploring the boundaries of the photographic and the real,  to make a visual reflection of the photographic medium, with the notion of ‘Time and Movement’. I attempt to record light and decompose movement, working with the human body.  The body in motion unfolds a visual narrative of forms created by light.

Therefore my work rather, than appeal to a faithful photographic document depicting ‘Reality’ is rather more an allegory. So attempts to explore and recreate ‘Light, Body and Motion’.
I create a photographic interrogation, thought improvisation images that questions the medium and its behaviour. The picture appears in the latent image of the film, and the images become a fiction which gather time.

I feel comfortable working with simple subjects, as well as artists, performers, mimes and dancers; transforming their plays into an frenetic explosion that takes place only in the photographic act. Because of the variants of techniques I use, the constant becomes relative, the results are unpredictable, and the making of the image becomes an intuitive process.

Working with an old winding camera., everything takes place in the black box. The fugitive nature of the light and colours are captured by the camera’s long exposures and different optics. So the analogue film is a black and blank canvas.

The panoramic format is a consequence of the process. The image unfolds like an old scroll, allowing the eyes to expand, move and relate to the images in different ways. The image forces you to decipher the action, through the recounting of time.



all images © copyright by enrique verdugo, 2010