“There is something magical about how photography perceives and records Time & Motion”.   

I am attracted by the idea of exploring the boundaries of what is imaginary and what is real, to make a visual reflection with the notion of ‘Time and Movement’: working with The Body and how it performs. I follow the atomic reaction of limbs, torsos and physical energy released in the action.

The body in motion unfolds a visual narrative of forms and colours, I attempt to capture impressions, using the camera in a personal way by taking it out of its objective role to render colours movement and light. So the film becomes an analogy, a kind of black canvas to experiment with.

Therefore my work rather than being a faithful photographic document depicting ‘Reality’ is rather more an allegory. The allegory attempts to explore and recreate ‘The Body in Motion’ and the fiction that I can create with the camera.  At the same time it opens a new window to deal with my ideas and references - transferring them into images.

I feel comfortable working with simple subjects, artists, performers, mimes and dancers; transforming their political or psychological plays in to an explosion of frenetic reality that can take place only in the photographic act. I’m also interested in the relation between my subjects and the resulting unpredictability of the action.

Everything takes place in front the camera. The fugitive nature of the colours is captured by the camera, in long exposures and movements. Depicting movement among the time released by the body, which is constantly transformed like a living canvas.

Consequentially, in these experiment the results are variable, one can never predict them because the nature of the process is never constant, the only reference is ' The Mental Image' stimulated by colours and struggling limbs.

I prefer the panoramic format that unfolds like an old scroll allowing the eyes to travel and relate to the images in different ways, discovering the Body by deciphering the action though the recounting of time.

 I am interested in the allegory of what is real or what is represented.

'Body& Flux'




all images © copyright by enrique verdugo, 2010